Being a textile manufacturer, our sustainability strategy focuses on Four key Aspects:

Energy Resources

Resource Resources

Responsible Sourcing

Choosing Green

Sustainability Strategy

We are working towards a

Energy Efficiency

We have invested in state-of-the-art energy-efficient dyeing and finishing machines, which help minimize the energy intensity of our production process. As part of our efforts towards adopting renewable energy sources, we have installed a 50 kW solar panel system on the roof of our factory which supplies power to the building.

Resource Efficiency

Our primary natural resource during the production process is water, which is required in the dyeing and finishing of the fabric. Our facility includes an on-site Effluent Treatment Plant which purifies the wastewater expended from our machines, by removing any toxic chemicals and residual dyestuff that can be damaging if released into the environment. This ensures all our effluent water is environmentally safe and can be reused. We currently use this water for irrigating the farmland surrounding our facility.

Responsible Sourcing

Managing a sustainable supply chain is of utmost importance to our stakeholders, customers, and investors. Our goal is to maintain a positive impact from raw material sourcing to the end product in each of the value chain sections.

Choosing Green

Working together to protect our planet is at the very heart of our sustainability strategy. We always encourage our customers to choose high quality, longer lasting products, that are Global Recycled Standard (GRS) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, in order to do our part in resolving the global waste crisis. As part of this startegy, we also encourage our customers to opt for environmentally friendly packaging, such as FSC certified recycled paper and plastic-free packaging, which we can provide.

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